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Oliver Roberts

Food consultant, cook and certified nutrition advisor

I help busy families and individuals plan and cook affordable meals to provide optimal nutrition for the whole family and how to exercise more, who lack the time, knowledge or discipline with the belief that the skill of cookery, knowledge of foods and exercise can discourage negative behaviours leading to a poor physical and mental performance in daily living.


I facilitate goal setting strategies, family meal planning sessions with recipe recommendations and home cookery classes, along with outdoor activities scheduling to ensure everyone meets their daily physical activity needs on a regular basis.

I am an influential speaker on personal wellbeing with continued professional development awards in childhood nutrition and obesity prevention, behaviour change coaching and nutrition and weight management and sports & exercise nutrition working towards an advanced diploma in nutrition and weight management accredited by RSPH (Royal Society of Public Health) and the Association for Nutrition.


Having been a qualified fitness professional for over 10 years and holding the latest certifications in nutrition and behaviour change coaching I provide a reputable and trusted source of advice in food, nutrition and exercise to help influence change to improve the wellbeing of the whole family by coaching them to leading a sustainable healthy lifestyle to include cookery and enjoyable outdoor physical activity as a family.


I started studying with Future Fit in 2007 on the personal trainer diploma to promote the link between mental wellbeing and physical activity when outdoors after discovering the health benefits for myself whilst working at the BBC and wanted to break free from the office to spread the word that ‘nature makes us feel good’ with my outdoor fitness brand called Natural Perspectives.

I ran my natural movement programme as a luxury fitness retreat in the Yorkshire Dales and a specialist activity week with Neilson Active Holidays in Greece and Turkey with reviews in the national press and fitness magazines including The Sunday Times Travel supplement, British Airways Highlife magazine, Women’s Fitness magazine and featured as one of the four best fitness holidays in the Telegraph magazine in 2012 and worked as a personal trainer in boutique health clubs in Manchester and London.


Since then I have become an avid reader of human potential development and in 2018, I returned to my studies and enrolled at the Future Fit School of Nutrition to continue my professional development after rediscovering my passion in cookery which stemmed from my early education in home economics and winning the school prize in food and nutrition.


Today, I am developing a personal wellness coaching programme with the behaviour change and nutrition as the key ingredients along with cooking workshops to encourage home cookery and I promote sustainable food for exercise by producing online content with cookery demos as Ollie’s Fitness Kitchen for publications and education platforms dedicated to influencing people to eat sustainably to improve wellbeing and protect the environment.

I enjoy cooking outdoors with my field kitchen and keep fit using my kettlebell and outdoor swimming and read books on human potential development and I live in south London with my partner and beagle.


My background is working in the public sector including the NHS and BBC Television and educated in business and finance.