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Workplace Nutrition

Building teams and increasing productivity through a sustainable food

Improve your nutrition knowledge and cooking skills in your own office with a professionally trained nutrition advisor and cook.

  • Learn how to eat and cook healthy during your working week

  • Understand how good nutrition can improve performance in work

  • Boost brainpower to increase productivity and wellbeing with ‘mood food’

  • Learn to eat sustainably to help protect the environment and save money

Designed for workplaces to encourage their teams to become more accountable for their nutrition at work.

The workshops take place at your workplace as an interactive cookery demonstration and talk.

The Ingredients:

  • Nutrition and cookery tuition

  • Factsheets and recipes

  • Interactive quizzes and games

  • Office cookery skills

Book a consultation to discuss your nutritional needs and budget, please email me or call 07912 378 25.