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Outdoor Swimmer Magazine | March 2020 | Out now

Food on the move

This cookery feature talks about this months' seasonal ingredient along with warming recipes to prepare and take with you on your swim.

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Promoting sustainable nutrition

Improve your wellbeing and protect the environment with a 'Low-CarbON' footprint on your food intake.

“Seasonal food ideas to prepare at home and accompany you on your outdoor swim, ensuring you refuel with proper food.”

This month's section includes:

  • Monthly ingredient spinach with information on buying, storing and preparing.

  • List of what's in season? for readers to be informed of the seasonal produce available.

  • The main recipe feature, Smoked Haddock, Spinach and Pearl Barley Risotto.

Food photography by Oliver Roberts demonstrating the cooking process on our field kitchen.

For further recipes and articles on sustainable nutrition for exercise, please contact oliver@ollieskitchen.co.uk

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